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June 11, 2017

Alexis Pence

Meet Alexis Pence. When she isn’t at the ballpark cheering on her husband, Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants, she is a content creator for YouTube, an avid gamer on Twitch, a community leader of supporters she calls Piñas, and has even become a respected review source for fellow coffee enthusiasts. Her confidence and determination to pursue her dream of making videos to express exactly what it is like to be a Piña, fueled her decision to leave a steady and killer job at IGN and mastermind her own YouTube channel, LetsGetLexi. She has created a safe, fun and welcoming community for video gamers, baseball fanatics and coffee enthusiasts alike to connect and feel appreciated.

Basically she is super women and I have photographic proof.

Lets get Lexie Jess Versteeg girl power


Recently, she and her husband decided to open a coffee shop that combines their passion for coffee, gaming, and new media. Together, they travel across the country reviewing specialty coffee shops on her YouTube channel.

Lexi is one of the most authentic and accessible athlete wives I’ve ever seen. Her videos provide a glimpse into what life is really like when you’re married to a professional baseball player, shared in such a personal manner, most of her followers feel a true connection, I can speak as her friend the way she comes off in her videos is how she really is!

She shares everything from changing their last name –

To the unbelievable opportunities and people she meets along the way –

To the gushy love moments –

Ok, that gushy love moment was a funny one, but here is a real gushy love moment –

To the hard sacrifices of being married to such a busy man –

To tips for long-distance relationships –

She even gives the baseball fans a little sneak peek into Hunters locker –

Lexi shows it all. She is real, she is entertaining as hell, and all around a true Piña.

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