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July 2, 2017

Cypress & 5th

Cypress and 5th was started by two of my ATL girlfriends, Annie and Jen, who also happen to be sisters. They are the girls that wake up and throw anything on, regardless of the color, style, or brand and it just looks good!

I guess it was fitting for them to open up an online styling boutique. Every time I booked a photoshoot in ATL I would literally come with nothing because I knew I could pull something from the amazing Shu closets, these girls just have an eye for stylish yet comfortable clothing that also fits well. So they have created this subscription box for women’s clothing, where each month you get an online closet to pick the items you want boxed and sent to you. Oh, and they will surprise you with accessories, after all your clothes aren’t an “outfit” until you add the final touches!!

Use my code “JESSV25” for 25% off your entire purchase (excluding surprise bags).


Step by step:


There are 3 boxes to choose from (The Wardrobe $119, The Essentials $89, The Must Haves $69) and in each box you get to select your own apparel so you already have the upper hand on knowing if you will like the items.  If you feel that you’re not lacking in the accessory category, you can just pick a clothing box.  The best thing is that the boxes are about 25% off retail price so you are getting the most incredible deal!!  I mea,n really… 3 clothing items AND 3 accessories for less than $120 is unreal.  That’s not even the best part: you don’t have to spend hours in a department store going through racks and racks and racks.  It’s a WIN-WIN in my book!



Here are just a few of my favorite pieces…

China Blue Athletic Set $54.00
Fringe Sweater $33.00
Black Zig Zag Crop $45.00 Floral and Sport Pencil Skirt $45.00
cypres and 5th
Striped Culottes $36.00
cypress and 5th
Alice Dress $41.00
cypress and 5th
Floral Organza Skirt $39.00

 Here I am wearing one of the pieces I got in my box for date night in LA:cypres and 5th

And another one of me enjoying the cali weather in a two piece set.

cypress and 5th red kelly bag red roses

Here is a coupon code for 25% off your entire purchase (excluding surprise bags) “JESSV25

 Get your own box here and follow them on IG or FB to keep up with what’s trending.



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