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July 9, 2017

Ellian Raffoul, Model Photographer

Where do I even start with this talented friend of mine? I met Ellian a few years ago when we were both modeling with Look Models in San Francisco, fast forward a few years and she is taking over the industry from the other side! She decided to get behind the camera and every one from twitter to United Nations has booked her to shoot for them. Since then I have had the honor of working with Ell twice, the 1st time was for the cover of SF Biz and the second time was for L’oficial.

San Francisco Business Times




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Shooting with Ell was intimidating at first because we knew each other as models and friends, but now she was on the other end of the camera. I thought that since she was a model, she would judge the way I move and think I don’t move well, or notice how big my pores are, and think I am not pretty enough… but the second she picked up her camera, nothing changed!

She kept this cool chill vibe making it felt like girlfriends taking photos together at a sleep over. I tend to have this natural “resting sex face” ahaha and she knew my images needed to be less “sexy” so she was so good at directing me and reminding me to not let my eyes and lips get “too sexy.” She gave me so much confidence with every pose I stuck. Ell is the girlfriend that will always make sure you look your best in front of the camera.

Both times we had an all-girls crew and we had a blast. Here are some BTS pics of both shoots. . GROUP 3.12.17
Girl squad
And thats a wrap

Nothing but positive girl power here!

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