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July 16, 2017


As many of you know, I am venturing into the cannabis space and learning more and more every day! What surprised me and encouraged me was the amount of women in this space and how hardworking they all were. I fell in love with these amazing little Mellows and over time I got to know the wonder woman behind them, Stephanie Hua.

Stephanie is as food writer so naturally, if she is making edibles they’re going to be amazing! She started making these gourmet marshmallows because she realized there were not many low dosage products on the market. Women have a lower tolerance than the average male patient and tend to go for a lighter flavor, so it was fitting to make these pretty, colorful, light-dosed mellows and have her target demographic be female. However, it turns out that men love them as well!

Her flavors change seasonally so there is always something new and yummy. Here are a few that I LOVE!

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1. ORANGE DREAMSICLE: A nostalgic throwback to the good old days of sunshine and ice cream trucks, one bite of the Orange Dreamsicle Mellows will bring you right back. Orange flavored marshmallows get rolled in bits of sweet, airy, vanilla meringue cookies, giving them an ethereal texture. Creamy dreamy, fresh and fruity, what’s not to love?

2. STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE MELLOWS: Her take on a summertime favorite – these Mellows are made with juicy fresh strawberries and then rolled in buttery, homemade shortbread crumbs and dried strawberries.  Summertime sweetness at its best!

3. S’MORES MELLOWS: Special Limited Edition! The signature S’mores Mellows start with a smoky vanilla bean base which then gets drizzled in dark chocolate and topped with graham cracker crumbs.  This special, limited edition box honors the classic marshmallow dessert, delivering all the pleasure of a real s’more, no campfire or sharp sticks required.

4. BROWN BUTTER SAGE MELLOWS: Fragrant with deep golden nuttiness of toasted brown butter and the magical melding of two of her favorite herbs, these Mellows are always a hit with our foodie friends.

5. BIRTHDAY CAKE MELLOWS: Encrusted with colorful rainbow sprinkles on the top and bottom (no skimping here!), our buttery vanilla Birthday Cake Mellows pack big fun in a little bite. Go ahead, stick a candle in one and make a wish!

6. PEANUT BUTTER PRETZEL MELLOWS: Smooth peanut butter and crunchy pretzel bits make for a satisfying sweet and salty Mellow treat. A classic flavor combination that’s part fluffernutter, part pretzel snack heaven.

7. RASPBERRY ROSE LYCHEE: Special Limited Edition! Inspired by one of her favorite Parisian desserts, the complex flavor of these Mellows strikes a delicate balance between fruity and floral. She puree together sweet, tart, jammy raspberries with exotic lychee fruit, then add just a kiss of rose essence. The resulting flavor is just downright pretty.

8. COOKIES + CREAM MELLOWS: Fluffy clouds of vanilla marshmallows get sandwiched between chunks of chocolate creme-filled cookies for a bite that’s crunchy, chewy, and soft at the same time. This one’s a crowd pleaser!



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