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June 4, 2017

Pre Heels

Whether it’s summer and you’re breaking in your new sandals or it’s the winter and you’re breaking in your new boots, we have all delt with those annoyingly ugly blisters. Bandages help once the blisters are there, but what if there was a way to prevent the blisters before they appear?

pre heels

Now you can! If you’ve never heard of Pre Heels, I am here to tell you it’s the most amazing thing invented for blisters! Co-founded by my girlfriend Dana Ward (a media personality), this spray “creates a strong, lasting, invisible barrier on the skin to protect your feet from irritation and blisters.” Um, GENIUS! It comes in this cute aerosol bottle thats small enough to fit in your purse, it goes on clear and dries within 60 seconds, and creates an anti-friction barrier between your feet and your shoes.

pre heels

I have used this spray with everything from sneakers to heels and for every occasion from hiking to dancing, even my husband used it the other day when he was breaking in a new pair of shoes.

I recommend this to anyone that has ever had a blister and never wants one again.

pre heels


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