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June 22, 2017

Ring Hero

So My girlfriend,Molly, and three of her friends – Niki, Jessie, and Jess, realized women were missing something major in their lives. That major something was the question every married engaged woman asks herself, “Where in the eff do I put my ring?


How many of you have had a yoga class, tennis lesson, or gotten to the gym and thought, “Where’s a safe place for my ring?

– Giving it to your coach is not safe because it could fall out of his pocket.

How many of you have a family heirloom ring and every time you get your nails done you stress out that you might forget to get your ring off of the ring holder when you leave?

– Putting it in your purse is not safe because it can get lost in there or even damaged by all of the other things in your bag.

How many of you work with your hands every day, but want to keep your ring safe and still close to you?

– Keeping it in your work locker or lab coat is not safe because you could forget to lock your locker or bend over and your ring may fall out of your lab coat.

Well ladies, here you go… Your Ring Hero. It comes in these two colors, Slate Gray and Midnight Blue!

ring hero keep rings safe

work out fitness ring hero keep rings safe at gym
Mine is the Slate Gray

Let me break down the design and then I’ll show you how it works.

-Fabric imported from Italy

-Produced in the USA

-Two-way stretch

-UV protection UPF 50+

-Soft and light weight

-One size fits most

-Machine washable

-Dimensions 6” x 1 5/8”


-Quick Drying

Here’s how you use it:


Get your own Ring Hero here and follow them on IG or FB to see all of the places girls around the world are sporting their Ring Heros.

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