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June 19, 2017


We’ve all been told how important it is to do daily Kegel exercises, but I always thought it was just for women who have had kids (I have no kids) or for women that had a problem reaching an orgasm (I have never had a problem there).

Come to find out, Kegel muscles are just like every other muscle and they need to stay toned in order to function properly. Every woman has a pelvic floor, though most of us don’t really understand this part of our body. This hidden set of muscles sits like a hammock between your pubic bone and your tailbone. These muscles are very important as they lift and hold our core, but with age, giving birth, weight gain, or even high-impact sports like tennis or Crossfit can affect the health of these muscles. Apparently kegels are a must-do from puberty to your last days!

Prevention does not sound cool, but it will help avoid possible surgical interventions later in life. It is also beneficial during menopause to offset the effects of transition and age. Even if you don’t have kids, who would say no to a greater orgasm? No need to panic though, there is good news, like any muscle, with a bit of Kegel exercise you can regain more core stability and actually feel the benefit – the one benefit that I’ve already mentioned and is most talked about is better better sex! Studies have shown that men climax 3 times more than women! Umm is that fair? I think not! Women are now taking control of their orgasm by working out their kegels, and making sure they get it – every time.

It is 2017 and it is time for women to embrace their inner strength and get to know their bodies before they get to know their partner’s. I’ll admit it is hard to work a muscle you can’t see, so that’s where Elvie comes into play. They make it easy and fun, basically creating a Fitbit for women. A stronger pelvic floor means stronger orgasms!

Elvie better orgasm
It has finally arrived at my home!

Elvie better orgasm Elvie better orgasm

Elvie better orgasm
I think I will start gifting this to all girlfriends
Elvie better orgasm
This is the elvie, the key to a better you on the inside.
Elvie better orgasm
They also throw in an extra cover

Now, how exactly does elvie work?

Elvie is a small egg-shaped device that you insert like a tampon (made with safe medical grade silicone and completely waterproof) for pelvic floor exercises. Elvie connects to an app and with real time biofeedback guides you through different five-minute exercises, depending on your strength. It’s really small but it gets the job done. After the fun workout that actually feels like a game, you take it out, wash it, and when it’s dry place it back in its compact, charging case.

Once you download the app it has very easy instructions that go step by step:

Elvie better orgasm Elvie better orgasm Elvie better orgasm


Elvie better orgasm  Elvie better orgasm Elvie better orgasm

Once you start it is actually pretty fun, but beyond the gaming and competitive aspect for women who don’t know how to exercise, Elvie will will coach them the whole way though. It’s like any other fitness program where there are different levels and it is all about motivating and rewarding women.

Elvie recommended to be used three times a week minimum so if you forget to schedule in your Elvis workout it will send you little reminders to keep you on track. I love to see my progress on the dashboard, but thats just me, I am competitive and I love tech stuff.

elvie elvie

It is never too late to train it ladies!

hello elvie





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