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June 21, 2017


I always like to keep my legs, underarms and bikini area hair-free year round, but it is much more important to be on-point with it during the Spring and Summer when I am wearing shorts and bikinis.

I have been waxing for almost 10 years now so I am pretty good at timing everything and making sure I don’t look like a cave woman, but sometimes my husband wakes up and says lets go to Miami on the next flight and I hardly have time to pack, let alone make an appointment to get waxed. So it can become inconvenient at times.

In the past I have paid lots of money for laser hair removal packages, but then something would always come up and I would always miss my appointments, so I gave up on that dream and just stuck with waxing. But then I came across LumaRx on a friends IG page and I started doing some research.

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What Is IPL Hair Removal? Does It Work?

Intense pulse light (IPL) uses different wavelengths, between 500nm and 1,200nm, that scatter as soon as they reach the skin targeting the hair’s pigment. The pigment of your hair is a lot like a black shirt on a hot sunny day, absorbing heat that kills off hair at the follicle’s root.

IPL hair removal devices work best when used by those who have a stark contrast between skin and hair. If you have dark skin and dark hair, there’s a risk of burning your actual skin (no worries if LumaRX detects your skin is too dark, it won’t even turn on).

For both professional and at-home IPL hair removal you’ll need more than one treatment. That’s because hair has to be living to be affected by the light pulses to work—surprisingly only 20-40% of the hairs on your body at any given time are, in fact, alive! Hair grows in cycles, but the dead stuff stays in your body for up to three weeks before shedding. That’s why you’ll have to perform up to 12 IPL treatments to catch every follicle in its living cycle!

How Does LumaRx Work?

LumaRx is intended for the removal of body hair; underarms, bikini line, arms, legs, chest, and stomach. There is a separate cap for facial hair, but I have not used it so I can not speak for that part.

LumaRx is only intended for use on light to medium skin tones, and—for reasons described above—is best used on dark hair.

Once you’re ready to get started, using an at-home IPL hair-removal device such as LumaRx is a fairly straightforward point-and-shoot process that’s broken down into three steps on the product’s website:

  1. Light energy penetrates the skin until it reaches the hair root.
  2. Then, this energy stuns hair follicles and stops current growth. It will also help prevent future hair growth.
  3. Within 7-10 days, these hairs will fall out.

It’s suggested that you treat areas once every two weeks, for a total of three treatments during the course of one month. You can also use LumaRx for periodic touch-up treatments to remove any remaining hair.

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Before you can begin using the device, you have to test your skin at the base unit. If your complexion or hair color is not optimal, it will not turn the machine on to use. I think that is a really good safety feature, because I am not a professional and I do not want to burn my self. There are five setting levels that you can adjust between.

Level 1 being the weakest, while Level 5 is the strongest (I literally can not go past level 1 on any portion of my body). You have to hold the button down and when moving the handheld part over your leg it will beep when it’s ready to stun the hair follicles in that location. You will see the LumaRX emits a red pulsed light to destroy the unwanted hair, the light is kind of bright for my eyes.

And then you keep going, it takes me 45 min. on each leg and I only do part of my bikini because I am a baby and that small part takes me 20 min. While this is time consuming, it is no more time consuming than driving to a spa, waiting for someone to call you in, chit-chating about your day, getting your treatment, paying and then driving home.

I have only used it twice so I can not say it has removed everything, but I can say I have seen less hair grow back so I will keep using it until all of my leg hairs are gone!

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