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June 17, 2017

Pure Daily Care Facial Steamer

I was not one of those people that was just born with good skin. In order for me to have good skin I have to spend lots of time and lots of money on it. I don’t mind going to the spa for a facial or sitting in a steam room, because it is quite relaxing, but it is also time consuming. So I did a bit of research on at home spa like products for the days that I know I need something, but I don’t really have time to do anything. I came across Pure Daily Care Facial Steamer Püre daily care NanoSteamer on Amazon and decided to give it a shot.

Why did I purchase a home steamer?
I love to steam my face before putting on my nightly skincare products because I believe it’s important to open up your pores in order for your products to really work. Washing your face with hot water doesn’t open your pores as much as actually steaming does, but until I got Püre that is what I have been doing – I needed a steamer to help open my pores so I could clean them and reduce outbreaks from clogged pores.

What does Püre daily care have?
The Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer is a facial steamer that produce nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles (Nano steam combined with ionic water particles are up to 10x more effective in penetrating skin).

It has:
– A face steamer
– Towel steaming chamber
– Humidifier

Pure Daily Care Facial Steamer Pure Daily Care Facial Steamer towel steamer

How does steam help your skin?
There are plenty of  benefits from the facial steamer, it improves blood circulation, your complexion becomes more even, it allows your skin to absorb your facial products which increases the effectiveness, and it helps with minimizing pores to reduce breakouts. 

Pure Daily Care Facial Steamer

How to use the Püre daily care NanoSteamer:
– Fill up the empty plastic bottle looking thing with water.
– Once it’s full, insert it into the hole on the back of the machine.
– Turn the knob from off to facial steamer so it can warm it up and start to bring out the steam.

Pure Daily Care Facial Steamer

It takes about 5 minutes for the steam to start coming out. Once the steam starts to come out you need to stay about 5 inches away because it gets extremely hot, when you get close to it. A lot of steam comes out of it so you don’t have to stay too long over it. The 200ml water tank, when full, allows for about 30 minutes of steam time. Which is a perfect amount of time to really have the steam penetrate your skin and open up your pores.

Pure Daily Care Facial Steamer
None of my photos are edited so I can’t make you see the steam, but it is just starting to come out. For some reason the steam is not visible but you can see it looks a little blurry on my face.

An extra thing it comes with is this 5 piece skin kit.

pure daily care skin care tools skin care tools to clean clogged pores



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