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March 7, 2017

Shine Papers

One of the first brands that helped open my eyes to a “luxury” side of cannabis was Shine Papers.

I actually found them on Amazon. After trying them out and loving them, I looked them up on IG and then found their website. I think I became their number one fan overnight and bought everything they had. I love – everything gold from jewelry to shoes – so why not joints as well?

Whether you are celebrating something special or just want  to have that added extra something in the middle of the week, these papers are what you need. They are made with a hemp-based rolling paper and then covered in food-grade 24k gold leaf to give it that signature luxury look that I love, AuBox loves, and I am sure you will love as well. Pure novelty.

Here are some of my favorites:

Shine® 12-Sheet Pack $55

Shine® 2-Sheet Pack $20

Shine® White Gold 2-Sheet Pack – “The White” $20

Tyga X Shine® King Size 6-Sheet Pack $55

Not only do all of the papers roll up into these beautiful master pieces, but they burn so clean.

If you don’t want to roll your own you can also buy these shine cones and all of the work is done for you, I actually buy these because they are so convenient.

One of my favorite Shine accessories is this Black Rolling Tray.


And my favorite tee shirt is the Gold Gang Black Shirt.


To close off my love for Shine Papers, I’ll give you a smoke shot using their papers.




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