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May 24, 2017

Why Is Cannabis Illegal?

Cannabis is actually one of the strongest natural fibers nature has given us. Allowing it to be used for rope, parachutes, a replacement for steel, clothing, paper, cosmetics, biofuel, alternative to plastic, in fact, even the word “canvas” was derived from the word “cannabis”, from which it was historically made. Why Is Cannabis Illegal?

Hemp rope cannabis  parachutes cannabis hemp replacement for steel hemp cannabis

clothing hemp cannabis hemp paper cannabis  CBD cosmetics cannabis hemp AuBox theaubox

grown for biofuel cannabis hemp  hemp cannabis alternative to plastic canvas was derived from the word cannabis, from which it was historically made.

In 1619, the King of England ordered American colonies to grow cannabis and allowed people to pay their taxes in cannabis,

King of England ordered American colonies to grow cannabis and allowed people to pay their taxes in cannabis
King of England ordered American colonies to grow cannabis

Even George Washington grew cannabis. Actually, there are quite a few presidents that supported cannabis Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, as well as one of our founding fathers Benjamin Franklin.


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By 1850, there were well over 8,000 plantations of 2,000 acres or more that grew cannabis.


Cannabis was so prevalent that it was actually printed on the 1914 $10 Federal Reserve note that showed the wealth of our nation -manufacturing on the right and agriculture on the left, the agriculture you see there is cannabis being harvested.


With the abolition of slavery in 1865, there was not really an affordable way of processing cannabis.


Until 1935 when the decorticator made cannabis extremely economical.


It was then named the next billion-dollar-crop by Popular Mechanics since it can be used in 25,000 products from dynamite to cellophane.


In fact, if you look at all the uses of cannabis, it’s not so much a crop as it is an industry.


With the new uses and devalued dollar of today, cannabis has the potential to pass being a billion-dollar-crop and cross over into a trillion-dollar-industry.

Ever wonder why cannabis is illegal if it has so many great uses?


Or why the paper, corn, cotton, alcohol, tobacco, big pharma, prisons, and even banking industries are so against cannabis? (29)Do you ever think about the 45 million Americans hooked on powerful anti-depressants that have been known to cause homicidal and suicidal psychotic breaks would be better off smoking cannabis?


The person perhaps most responsible for making cannabis illegal is William Randolph Hearst – He was the chief propagandist against cannabis because, in 1935, cannabis became a huge threat to the millions he had invested in the timber industry since cannabis can yield much more paper in less time.


He and the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Harry Anslinger set about to make a new drug called marijuana illegal because, if they called it cannabis, people would have thought he was crazy since it was so prevalent in everyone’s world. William Randolph Hearst printed racist stories about blacks and Hispanics raping white women.

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Soon after, Reefer Madness was released in 1936 showing people having psychotic and murderous breaks.


Cannabis is so versatile that Henry Ford actually made a car out of hemp fiber proving to be lighter than steel and ten times as strong. Not only did Henry Ford use hemp fiber to build the car, he used hemp oil to fuel it.


Meanwhile, John D. Rockefeller was dumping gasoline into the Cuyahoga River because he had no use for gasoline and it caused the river to burn. John D. Rockefeller immediately moved to have the gasoline engine become the standard of the auto industry because it served his industry over the farmers that would have benefitted from the industrial use of hemp oil.


Prohibition of alcohol lasted from 1919 to 1933.


The federal government used it as a way to push its federal power on the states and created this huge bureaucracy to fight alcohol.

Police Emptying Beer Barrels During Prohibition
Police Emptying Beer Barrels During Prohibition

But the People fought for what they believed should be their right


and alcohol was made legal again.


Unfortunately, the government then decided to focus on cannabis because it was just too good of a plant.


Harry Anslinger declared that, “Reefer makes the darkies think they’re as good as white men. Marijuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing. You smoke a joint and you’re likely to kill your brother. Marijuana is the most violent causing drug in the history of mankind.”


So, between racism and the false belief that it will make blacks pacified communist murderers,

black lives matter cannabis

the Marihuana Tax passed in 1937 with little or no debate because most congressmen didn’t even know cannabis was included in this tax since they called itmarijuana.

Marihuana Tax

By making the multi-use plant illegal, it also gave support to the centralized drug trade.


After spending trillions of dollars over the next few decades on a failed drug war, we now have more prisoners in the prison industrial complex of America than Stalin ever had in his Gulags.

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The last Great Depression made alcohol legal again, maybe this next Greatest Depression we are in will make nature legal once again with cannabis.

Evil spirits be gone! Prohibition shut down St. Louis Breweries but didn’t stop the flow of alcohol (59)

If it was not a threat to power, then why on earth would they make it illegal? After all, there is not one death ever in thousands of years attributed to smoking cannabis.

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I can think of many weird ways to die just in America alone, but none of the weird ways are from smoking weed.


We are told that people would abuse cannabis and that’s why it should be illegal. Have you looked at how people are abusing food, video games, porn, alcohol, prescription drugs, consumerism in the entire planet?

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Why don’t we just make everything else illegal? Or at least the things that actually kill people?


No, people should be able to do whatever they want to do – including cannabis – so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.


But for selfish reasons the government would rather have you believe cannabis is so dangerous that they are forced to list it as a Class 1 drug.


The real reason why cannabis and other drugs like LSD, ecstasy and peyote are listed as schedule 1 drugs is because they are experiential drugs that open up the consciousness of humanity.

LSD-trip Young people dancing in nightclub (76)

They allow our brains to open up in beautiful creative ways, giving you thoughts of unity, “We all our one. Everything is one.”


Yet the government claims they are more dangerous than cocaine, OxyContin, and crystal meth.

(77) Overdose Deaths hi-crystal-meth

It seams that anything that dulls human senses – from alcohol to anti-depressants– is fine, according to the government, as long as you get a permission slip from them.

Young Man Lost In Depression Sitting On Ground Street Concrete S

Maybe some day they will give us a permission slip to natural plants like cannabis, Ayahuasca, mushrooms, and peyote.

Man harvesting medical marijuana (89) (90) (91)

They open up the human consciousness beyond the illusion of this controlled world, they reveal that there is a deeper, more powerful existence than what is forced in front of us.


Humanity is being faced with the choice to either continue spreading debt and death through greed creating a dangerous world for our children to grow up in or to become conscious and realize that “we are all one” and start to build societies that are sustainable and resonate with nature.

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