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June 8, 2017

Agent Provocateur

One thing I love about my husband is that he loves to gift me lingerie, especially from Agent Provocateur  – and he always knows my size.

He never expects me to wear it that night or even the next night, but he knows I love wearing it for myself. If he is lucky he will happen to undo my blouse and see something hot, but I wear it for me, not him. Ladies, there is nothing wrong with feeling sexy under your 9-5 attire, so please don’t feel this is only a one time use. Feeling good in your lingerie is a must, regardless of whether anyone else will sneak a peek of you in it or not.

It seems as if most women feel lingerie is solely a sexual or even an intimidating thing- something that is only meant to be seen in the bedroom; something that is to be worn for someone else; something that stays on for 2 minutes and ends up on the bedroom floor anyways. But all these notions are very wrong…

What all women need to realize is that the point of sexy lingerie is not necessarily for your partner to see you in (although that’s fun too), but just for the fact of you knowing that you have it on and it feels damn good.

Sometimes we are feeling flirty so we pull out the red push-up bra with a matching lacy thong. For those days when we feel lazy and modest, we can thrown on the lounge bra and cotton briefs. When we feel cool and casual, we can pull out that t-shirt bra and boy short panties. And the list goes on whether we’re feeling mysterious, adventurous, gloomy, or whatever; we chose what we want.

Agent Provocateur red lace lingerie

Agent Provocateur red lace lingerie

Agent Provocateur red lace lingerie

Agent Provocateur red lace lingerie

Here we have the – Kendall Suspender RedKendall Bra Red, and the Kendall Brief Red.

Agent Provocateur red lace lingerie
He actually gifted this to me right before his birthday, so I took it to Napa where we celebrated his birthday weekend and surprised him with his own gift!

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