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May 12, 2017

Spago Beverly Hills

Spago Beverly Hills is Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant that has been wowing the tastebuds of foodies for  years, while serving the very definition of fresh California cuisine.

This is by far one of our favorite restaurants in LA, we have been many times for lunch and dinner. The entire staff is always so kind and so welcoming and it feels like old Hollywood. Speaking of Hollywood, we all know Hollywood stars are scattered throughout LA, but I am a huge foodie so to me the real stars are the amazing chefs. I have met Walking quite a few times in his restaurants, but I have been very lucky at Spago running into him more than once here, he takes the time to stop by EVERY SINGLE table and he makes EVERY SINGLE table feel like they are guests in his home and he has known each person at each table for years. He has an amazing energy along with an amazing talent with food.

I can honestly say we have never had a bad dish in Spago lunch, dinner, winter summer, Tuesday, or Friday no matter what everything is always as if it’s the grand opening. Quite often if we come for dinner we will do the Eight Course Tasting Menu, but this time we came for lunch and today we did not order a lot because we had to run off to catch a flight – we just needed something substantial before take off.

File May 12, 7 24 01 PM
Agnolotti -filled with sweet pea puree and truffle

File May 12, 7 24 10 PM

File May 12, 7 23 38 PM
Priscilla really wants to have lunch now
File May 12, 7 24 19 PM
Maine Lobster Salad -Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Blue Cheese, Haricots Verts, Bacon and Egg
File May 12, 7 23 49 PM
ok, now she smells bacon
File May 12, 7 24 28 PM
Steamed Casco Bay Cod -“Hong Kong” Style, Carrots, Lotus Root, Sweet Soy, Jasmine Rice
File May 12, 7 24 37 PM
Snake River Farm’s American Wagyu Steak -Potato-Bacon Terrine, Red Wine Reduction
File May 12, 7 24 45 PM
File May 12, 7 25 11 PM
Mille-Feuille -Gaviota Strawberries, Tahitian vanilla cream Legere, house made puff pastry, strawberry sorbet
File May 12, 7 25 20 PM
house made puff pastry for Priscilla

File May 12, 7 24 53 PM

File May 12, 7 25 02 PM
Kaiserschmarrn -Think of the best strawberry shortcake… now multiply that flavor times 1,000
File May 12, 7 25 29 PM
Now that’s a good dessert!

File May 12, 7 25 38 PM

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