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March 2, 2017

Live Laugh Love Ibiza

Newly engaged, we went on our way to Ibiza, the summer playground for global jet-setters that want the best of all worlds.  A boho paradise filled with sandy beaches and crystal clear waters toped with the most beautiful boats or it’s the ideal party destination where the best dj’s in the world come out at night to play.

One of the things I love about Ibiza, is that you can disconnect from the world as easily as you can connect world and its people at any club. To do Ibiza right would be to enjoy everything from the sun sets to the night life. Ibiza has more alternative personalities than your average holiday hotspot, but who wants to be average.

Here are a few Do’s and A few recommendations:

-DO pack 5HTP 

-DO hire my favorite Ibiza guru Andrey +34 603 21 35 98 . He will make sure you get your lunch reservation at the best places (local, new, and iconic) and he can help you when it comes to what clubs on what nights.  He has every connection you need and he 100% makes sure you are happy! But you need to book him in advance because he does not take 5 clients in the same day.

When Andrey was working with us he was literally 24/7 around the clock what ever we needed. He stays sober the entire time so if you need anything at any time he is there. We rented a car and he literally drove us everywhere from lunches to night clubs, and he stays up until you are ready to go home! Andrey went into every club with us and just sat on the side lines making sure everything was ok and he drove us home regardless of how late we partied. He always had a cellphone charger handy, always knew where to go, and always had the best connections.

-DO have Andrey hire you a bodyguard on nights that you go out. It’s not to be pretentious, its to keep you safe in every way. I mean as magical as Ibiza, it’s not everyone is just doing Molly. When people mix it with cocaine or alcohol and 3 nights + days of straight partying with no sleep… they may not want to be crazy, but they can get crazy and the bodyguards just keep the crazy away. They are sober, so they are watching your drink -making sure it’s always clean, if you ask them (I did) they will make sure you always have a bottle of water, and most importantly they make sure you get home when the club closes.

-DO leave the heels at home. Flat sandals are ideal for long days at the beach on on a boat and sneakers are ideal for long night’s of dancing in Ibiza. The style tends to be more relaxed and beachy rather than the skin tight dresses and stilettos, comfortable and classy.

-DO book a spa day in advance and DO make sure it’s after 2pm, because if you went out the night before you will not wake up early.

-DO book a hotel room at Ushuaïa  or The Hard Rock if you want to be around people but still want some “room” privacy and be conveniently located near everything. If you want to get away from the hotel scene and feel like a local book a luxury home on Airbnb or Luxury Rentals, there are some beautiful homes to rent.

-DO make sure your hotel or house has lots of water readily available and lots of fruit + veggies. If you wanna be a real party animal, you need to be a real health animal or you will end up looking like an amateur with a horrible hangover, serious dehydration, and you will feel like shit when you’re on a boat the next day.

-DO take one boat day! We rented our Vanquish Yacht from one of Andrey’s connections.

-DO have Andrey book you: breakfast at Cappuccino in Marina Botafoch, Lunch at Juan y Andrea, and Dinner at Heart (read my post about our dinner at heart).

Day 1: Pack for Ibiza, fly to Ibiza, and if you have time when you land step out for a bit and soak up that Ibiza energy!

Ibiza 1
On our way to Ibiza
Ibiza 2
Playing around while Yegor gets us checked in

Ibiza 4
We stepped out just for a quick minute and now we are ready to shower and hit the bed

Day 2: Wow, waking up in Ibiza is a feeling like no other! We chose to stay in The Hard Rock because it would allow us some down time vs Ushuaïa. Don’t get me wrong Ushuaïa is AMAZING, but we knew we would want to relax a bit. The song All Eyes by the game feat. Jeremiah was pretty popular when we went to Ibiza and it was at the top of my Spotify play list so it was only fitting to Snapchat it.

After taking in the view we headed down to the beach for breakfast. After breakfast it was off to the Blue Marlin where we spent the rest of the day. Blue Marlin is the perfect day spot, we drank smoothies all day, had a nice lunch, went swimming, got some sun, danced on the deck, took a nap in the comfy chairs, and if you want to stay until sundown the party gets really wild (highly recommend staying if you don’t have plans). We already had plans to see Solomon at Pacha so around 8 we went back to our hotel to shower and cool off a bit. One thing I will add, as I mentioned in my DO’s, if you want to party hard in Ibiza and not worry about someone slipping anything in your drinks, I recommend bringing a bodyguard. Thats what we did and it allows you to just enjoy the night without having to worry about a thing. Oh also I suggest when you get home at 6am that you ask your body guard to remind you to take that 5HTP, trust me the next day you will be thanking me.


File May 14, 5 59 09 PM
The view from our room

File May 14, 9 07 48 PM

File May 14, 9 32 38 PM
Waiting for breakfast to come
File May 14, 8 26 59 PM
Staying cool at Blue Marlin
File May 14, 6 03 55 PM
File May 14, 9 11 40 PM
Juicing up for tonight

File May 14, 6 04 26 PM
Clear water

File May 14, 6 05 08 PM-1 (1)

File May 14, 9 30 08 PM


Day 3: So after a day in the sun and a wild night out until 6am I recommend you letting your body SLEEP IN! After waking up around 3 or 4 pm we took a nice walk on the beach, got a massage (please pre book this as almost everyone needs massages after dancing all night), and then went for a fun dinner at heart.

File May 14, 8 25 51 PM
Rise n shine

File May 14, 9 07 01 PM
Everything felt like a dream land

File May 14, 9 29 17 PM
Spa day
File Feb 28, 2 57 24 AM
Dinner date at Heart
3. Ibiza Heart Terrace
“Food Truck”
File May 14, 9 21 23 PM
Gold Ham
File May 14, 8 34 02 PM
In love

21. IMG_20160710_231843_1
Amazing dinner show

Day 4: So now that you have had a day of rest, you can play again! We woke up for breakfast, rented a boat for the day, had lunch at Juan y Andrea, watched the sun set, and went out for the night, ending up at Space dancing the night away to Carl Cox  DJing.

File May 14, 9 46 46 PM
Not a flattering breakfast photo
File May 14, 8 34 25 PM
The boys

File May 14, 8 35 09 PM

File May 14, 8 35 40 PM

File Feb 28, 2 53 23 AM

File May 14, 8 37 17 PM

File May 14, 8 39 22 PM

File Feb 28, 2 46 59 AM

File May 14, 8 45 51 PM

File Feb 28, 2 47 30 AM

File May 14, 8 38 01 PM

File May 14, 9 21 11 PM
Lunch at Juan y Andrea

File May 14, 8 40 08 PM

File Feb 28, 2 51 54 AM
File Feb 28, 2 52 34 AM

File May 14, 8 43 23 PM
File May 14, 8 43 44 PM

File May 14, 8 44 11 PM

File May 14, 8 45 02 PM

File May 14, 8 46 46 PM

File May 14, 8 49 15 PM

File May 14, 9 31 22 PM

File Feb 28, 2 46 32 AM
sun set

File May 14, 9 09 31 PM
White is a popular color to wear in Ibiza

Day 5: We slept in because as I mentioned before, IT’S A MUST! We decided to take a walk on the beach by our hotel and come up with a game plan for the evening since it was already dinner time. Thankfully Andrey suggested watching the sun set at Experimental Beach .

File May 14, 9 39 51 PM
Taking a walk on the beach by our hotel
File May 14, 9 16 03 PM
Dinner and Drinks at experimental beach

File May 14, 9 21 36 PM
Sun set at experimental beach

File May 14, 8 28 34 PM
How did I get this lucky?
File May 14, 8 28 48 PM
If you look closely you can see the moon right above the sun setting

Day 6: Day six is our last full day in Ibiza so we met up with some friends for lunch, chilled on the beach, then met up with Andrey for dinner at Can-Domingo, and that was literally our whole day. Just relaxing with friends and enjoying good food.

File May 14, 9 08 12 PM

File May 14, 9 39 18 PM
Dinner at Can-Domingo

Day 7: And on the 7th day …. we went home.

File May 14, 9 22 38 PM
How can you not buy the tourist hat at the airport?
File May 15, 2 50 41 PM
Conection in Frankfurt, Germany
File May 15, 2 49 37 PM
Taking off


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