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May 21, 2017

Lake Tahoe

Around 5pm on a Friday evening, our friends Paris and Ryan asked if we wanted to go hiking on Saturday. We love hiking so we quickly agreed, and then about an hour later some how we all decided to do a boat day on Lake Tahoe. So we packed our overnight bag and drove to Tahoe.

We got in around midnight, so after checking in we all went to bed. The next morning we realized it was our one month wedding anniversary so it turned into a mini celebration. I am all about last minute trips, especially with friends, and especially with friends that have dogs.

We only went for a day so we had to pick one thing, but there are so many things to do there durning the summer.

Anything on the water – Boating, Standup Paddleboard, Jet skiing, or Kayaking

Vikingsholm Castle – Its is a moderate one mile hike from the Vikingsholm Castle parking lot to the castle, but you there are benches along the way if you need to stop and take a rest. I packed a picnic basket before and it lasted the entire hike.

Hiking Trails – There are many great South Lake Tahoe hiking trails, here are my top three: Cascade Falls, Eagle Falls and Eagle Lake, and, Bay View Hiking Trail.

So here are some photos from our Tahoe boat day.

dog friendly
Checking in
beach dogs
They are ready to play
Lake Tahoe
not a bad view
clear water
chasing sticks
File May 22, 9 03 18 PM
Just catching her breath

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This water is so clear
File May 22, 9 03 31 PM
We brought the snacks
File May 22, 9 05 54 PM
Did they plan to wear the same colors lol

File May 22, 9 04 27 PM

File May 22, 9 04 03 PM
Always working

File May 22, 9 46 09 PM

File May 22, 9 08 23 PM

File May 22, 9 15 46 PM
File May 22, 9 15 59 PM

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