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February 9, 2017

Last minute trip to the Grand Canyon

My fiancé is known for waking up in the morning and spontaneously deciding to jet somewhere – this time it was a quick trip to Vegas. There was a slightly different agenda for our “Vegas Trip” as he realized I had never seen the Grand Canyon and he wanted to make it happen.
We woke up to an amazing breakfast, got dressed, hopped in the car and pulled up to Maverick for our private helicopter tour.

helicopter tour grand canyon
Helicopter tour

The Grand Canyon is absolutely breathtaking, making this one of the most amazing dates I have ever been on!

helicopter views
Amazing view

The pilot flew us from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, then landed us in the middle of the canyon just a few feet away from a picnic table that was set up for two with lunch, snacks, cheese, wine, and dessert.

Romantic day trip over
Romantic day trip

After an afternoon of exploring, we decided to head back to Vegas. What better way to end the trip than with a Coke.

Diet Coke

I think the tour that we did was the Grand Canyon South Rim, plus we added a fly over Vegas. That made our flight a bit longer and it cost a tad bit more, but was well worth it.

Starting at $6,500 (3-hour flight time).

To book your private helicopter tour visit:

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