Puppy love / SF Beach play date
SF Beach play date | Jessica VerSteeg image 2
May 11, 2017

SF Beach play date

Crissy Field is a lot of fun for your pup because there is just so much room to run, so much sand to dig in, and so much water to splash in! By far one of Priscilla’s favorite parks.

I hope these photos of Priscila’s SF Beach play date make you dog lovers smile!

File May 19, 4 06 09 PM
On our way to meet a friend for a beach day
sand dog park
OMG there you are!
File May 19, 4 08 50 PM
Tag, you’re it!
sand dog beach
running in the sand is just so much fun!

File May 19, 4 10 33 PM File May 19, 4 10 08 PM

dogs digging holes husky
What are you digging?
File May 19, 4 09 29 PM
Just taking a nice stroll along the water while I catch my breath

File May 19, 4 11 23 PM File May 19, 4 11 52 PM

walking your dog
Both walking home with sticks they found on the beach

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