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The best thing to do before traveling | Jessica VerSteeg image 7
February 19, 2017

The best thing to do before traveling

There is nothing Priscilla loves more than going for runs. Well, maybe snacks, but snacks aside, she LOVES running and exploring outside. So before a flight (unless its like a 6am flight, FML) I usually take Priscilla to the park or I run with her for half an hour or so – just enough to get her thinking about a nap. After playing outside and snacks, I would say napping is her 3rd favorite thing.

Finding sticks and walking with them is a very important thing to do while on a walk

Once we are all checked in and at our gate, Priscilla usually finds a place and chills until we board. Today we flew Virgin so she chose one of those big red Virgin chairs (by the way, they are one of the most pet friendly airlines I’ve ever flown!). You still need to bring the proper documentation for your pup, but once that’s logged almost all of the Virgin employees come to say hello. No one hassled me about the pup and no one asks to re-check the paper work because the people working at the check-in counter are so meticulous.

Very cozy chair, and she matches!

Priscilla also LOVES children so when kids come to pet her, I always let her play with them. Not only does it help the traveling parents keep their kids occupied, but it helps wear Priscilla out even more!

Hello there!

After running for 3o minutes and playing with a few kids, Priscilla is worn out and ready for her nap!

Allowing her to get some energy out before a flight helps me get some work done on the flight because she will just pass out. If the run was a good run, the only thing that will wake her up mid flight is when the snack cart comes by.

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