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June 19, 2017

What Should Digitals look Like?

Over the years I have had so many girls ask me, “What are Polaroids?” What Should Digitals look Like? Polaroids show what you look like when you walk through the door. It’s important for photographers and casting directors to know what you look like before all of the makeup, hair, lighting and Photoshop. Agencies, Photographers, and […]

June 18, 2017

23 and Me

23 and Me launched in 2006, providing customers with a better understanding of their bodies and the DNA they’ll pass to their children. All you have to do is fill a tube with saliva, mail it back, and have it analyzed to determine some 100 risk factors for a number of diseases, inherited conditions, and an […]

June 17, 2017

Alpha Women

I came across this article the other day and it helped me realize there is nothing wrong with being an Alpha woman. It turns out men are attracted to Alpha women because they have an almost natural confidence about them that follows them everywhere they go. It’s not loud or abrasive or attention-seeking, but positive and endearing. […]

June 1, 2017

Bucket List Beaches

There are so many beautiful beaches and while I would love to see every beach, they don’t all make my bucket list. These bucket list beaches are very special because they all have cute animals!   Pig Beach: Bahamas If you want to play with pigs at the beach you will have to go to Exuma in the […]

May 21, 2017

Character Counts

I have attended the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award’s “All-Star dinner” for many years now. The annual dinner raises funds for the Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University, which provides character and leadership development strategies through Character Counts and other educational programming for children, families and communities. It has been inspirational […]

May 20, 2017

Exploring Art In Our Snapchat Glasses

My girlfriend Paris is always up to date with fashion and tech, so naturally she would be one of my 1st girlfriends to try the Snapchat glasses. San Francisco has so many great places to check out if you are interested in art, so we decided to look at art with our snapchat glasses and […]

May 19, 2017

Kate Moss

I think every model has a few idols. Mine is Kate Moss        

May 1, 2017

Hidden Mosaic Garden Steps in San Francisco

If you love art and happen to be in San Francisco, you must see the Hidden Mosaic Garden Steps in San Francisco. This amazing art project is a tiled stairway covered with colorful artwork portraying butterflies, plants, the sun and the moon all in one design that flows together so beautifully. Also, there are two […]

April 19, 2017

My Morning Filled with Dry Ice

My Morning Filled with Dry Ice. No matter how mature a man is, when they get dry ice they want to experiment … especially when in the company of other boys who are encouraging them! At first I played along and thought it was cool, also I would like to note that it was in […]