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June 1, 2017

Bucket List Beaches

There are so many beautiful beaches and while I would love to see every beach, they don’t all make my bucket list. These bucket list beaches are very special because they all have cute animals!


Pig Beach: Bahamas

image credit: Huffington post
photo credit: Huffington Post

If you want to play with pigs at the beach you will have to go to Exuma in the Bahamas. There are about 20 wild pigs and cute piglets that love to swim and play in the sand. They also like to be fed, and entertained by people!


Penguin Beach: Boulders Beach, South Africa

cape town city
image credit: cape town city

42 km away from Cape Town is the Boulders Beach where a colony of African penguins live life to the fullest enjoying the water, the warm sand, and the cool rocks. I have not read anywhere how they interact with humans, but even just watching them is amazing.


Flamingo Beach: Aruba

image credit: flamingo telecom worldwide

300 meters from the coast of the Aruba Island, is a beach inhabited by beautiful pink flamingos. These pretty birds like people and the food they bring, giving anyone that goes a chance to sunbathe in the company of these pink birds.


Pony Beach: Assateague Island


In the national park of the Assateague Island in Meriland, there are wild horses / ponies that live likes kings: relaxing on the beach with family and grazing all day long.


Turtle Beach: Akumal, Mexico

image credit: Playa Del Carmen

The chosen spot by many sea turtles as the perfect place to lay their eggs is off  the coast of Mexico.  If you go you can swim with these prehistoric creatures but you must keep a minimum distance of 3 meters to avoid causing them any stress.


Monkey Beach: Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

image credit: Living in Another Language

Located among the cliffs of the Phi Phi Island in Thailand is where you will find Monkey Beach. You can play with the friendly monkeys and let them entertain you with their games, but watch out for the food and the bright objects, I read they are very fast to take those things!

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