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May 26, 2017

A Fun Night Out with Friends

Tonight we decided to go out for a casual dinner at Balzi Rossi so we made early reservations, but then we invited a friend and ended up staying later and having a mini dinner party. That turned into us wanting to visit another friend at his club Duran Bar, and then that turned into everyone wanting to go out for karaoke at Royal Arbat! The best nights are always the unplanned nights. A Fun Night Out with Friends

Moscow fashion

Exponat by Leningrad (You should watch the video, it’s funny) is the 1st song I learned in Russian and thankfully it is playing at every restaurant and club and always in our car!

For dinner we went to Balzi Rossi. It’s somewhat of a surreal feeling when a porter opens massive oak doors and a magnificent view greets you. As you walk in there are these towering marble columns with mind boggling crown molding, tremendous crystal chandeliers, colourful stained-glass windows inherited from the Soviet times. It is not so shocking that no-one speaks English, but it was shocking that no-one spoke Russian either, only French – I thought that was pretty cool! Walking into this lively and brightly decorated restaurant will get anyone excited for the night.

balzi rossi
beautiful lighting and design
russian lover
Dinner is always a show with this one.
He is always goofing off
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Now that dinner is over, we need to dance off some of this food. And what better place than Duran Bar, I love the music there, the people are always fun, and it is the perfect mixture of cool and trendy making it a chill but fun atmosphere. They have an indoor part and an outdoor terrace with an amazing view – oh, and they have huge fruit plates that I 110% recommend you getting – I wish clubs in the US would serve fresh fruit like this.


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car ride
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