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June 27, 2017

Engaged in Moscow

Everything about the day (June 25, 2016, Engaged in Moscow) felt so normal: Brunch with family and friends, mom and I got our hair done, spent the afternoon at the park watching the sunset, went home to walk baby Priscilla before dinner, and a casual dinner on Lastochka near the park we had been at all day.

On our way to lunch
Getting my hair done
Blowouts done and ready to go


Afternoon at the park, watching the sunset
Went home to walk Priscilla

When we got to Lastochka, George’s mom brought me flowers, but I didn’t think much of it because we randomly bring each other flowers. It was also my mom’s last night in Moscow so I thought they were flowers to say it was nice meeting my mom.

I was so exited because I wanted everything on the menu, the weather was perfect, the view was amazing, we had a table full of family and friends, the night could not have gone any better!

THEN …. The worst and most unexpected thing happened!
The Russian SWAT team, Russian FBI agents, and a Russian cop came to our table with huge machine guns and all kinds of badges. They told George some stuff in Russian with a super scary Russian accent and then they TOOK HIM from the table!

Everyone on the boat was looking and pointing and probably making up their own stories about what George was getting arrested for.


Then I was asked to go talk with the scary SWAT team, FBI agents, and cop!!!

At that moment one of George’s friends told me he gave George some illegal drugs to hold for him and we may get in trouble if they search him. I was so confused as to why George would even have any drugs but I had no time to ask questions. As I went to the little corner they were in, they started talking to me in Russian. George had to tell them that I was American and I only speak English so he needed to translate for me.

Thats when George told me he was getting arrested and going to jail!

I didn’t care about the guys with guns, I just hugged him, and because I hugged him I got handcuffed! Again, they spoke to me in Russian and George again translated, this time telling me because I hugged him now I will be going to Russian jail too. I told him, “Good, we can go together.” Then with a straight face, George told me they will search us before we go and he has something illegal in his pocket. He asked me to take it from his pocket and said because I’m American I’ll get in less trouble.

I was thinking to myself, “Yeah right… As an American they will want to torture me and then send me back to America as a lesson to be taught” But I said ok and with my un-handcuffed hand in front of all the scary Russian guys with guns and masks, I reached into Georges pocket for this illegal thing / possibly drugs.

My heart was racing but I guess you would do anything for love.


Then I felt a ring in his pocket and my heart dropped! At that point I’m slowly pulling it out and thinking to myself, “Oh no, George was going to propose tonight after dinner, or maybe even after dessert, and these horrible guys ruined the night so he wanted me to have the ring before he goes to jail.”

When I saw this beautiful ring, I didn’t want them to take George from me, I wanted to celebrate at least for a few minutes. And then he asked me to marry him, butI still thought it was him just doing what he could before we went jail. I said yes and looked over at my mom wishing I could tell her I am now engaged, but I knew we were about to be taken to jail and she would have to find out later when she bails me out.


And at that moment everyone started clapping, our friends and family came to our part of the boat, and fireworks were going off in the water! I was still not thinking clearly yet, my legs were shaking, the tears were flowing so fast, and my heart was beating even faster.

IMG_7999 IMG_8043


I was still confused as to what was going on and as the fireworks were going off in the water and as camera lights were flashing the officer un-cuffed us. Then I realized why everyone was clapping, George had just proposed and we were not going to jail!

Wow, the emotions!


Love 🙂


IMG_7966 IMG_8003
Now my mom has a son


After all of that, the dinner we originally ordered was ready, but I could not take my eyes off of my ring long enough to actually eat.


This was one of the best nights in my life!


IM ENGAGED TO THE MOST AMAZING MAN IN THE WORLD!!!! My best friend, my teacher, my partner, and my lover!

IMG_7930 2
I can’t stop looking at it!


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