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May 23, 2017


I love every restaurant we have been to in Moscow. They all have an English menu, the service is always amazing, there is alway a coat check, the bathrooms are always as clean as a 5-star hotel, but this place Syrovarnya has something special! This cozy, hip restaurant developed by the Sundukovy Sisters has a lot of cheese!

Cheese is my favorite food group and considering the lack of cheese in Russia these days, Syrovarnya is the best place to try some selected local cheese makers’ products. Now apart from the nice atmosphere, good music, and the lovely food, I will say it is hard to get a table here. I do not recommend going without a reservation because the line to get a table can be long as a line at customs – if you choose to go this route and are lucky to get a last minute table the wait is worth it. I recommend just reserving a table ahead of time and skipping the line.

On the premises of the former Badaevsky brewery, Arkady Novikov and Dmitry Azarov have launched a cheese manufacture and opened a new restaurant with a self-explanatory name Syrovarnya. According to the traditional Italian technologies, high-skilled cheesemongers make 5 kinds of soft cheese there: Mozzarella, Burrata, Stracciatella, Caciotta and Ricotta. All guests can degustate different sorts of cheese choosing from the special menu section. Here you can find ripe Caciotta and some sorts of fresh chesse which can be kept only for 3 days. In the nearest future special boxes for hard cheese ripening will be placed there.

The first concept chief cook is Yury Rozhkov (the adept of “simple food” concept) who is famous for participating in popular cooking shows and for his brilliant work in Vogue Café since its establishment. The second concept-chief is Sergey Nosov, who also handles the cuisine of the Prichal restaurant. The chiefs have developed the original menu of simple meals in country style, most of which are cooked with cheese, made in this restaurant. For example, you can taste baked vegetables accompanied with Mozzarella, tomatoes and ruccola with Stracciatella and wonderful Tiramisu made of Ricotta. For appetizers, you can choose special focaccia or bruschettas, and a meat soup for the first course. The main course may include spareribs with buckwheat and cabbages or Karelian trout with potatoes and rosemary. Besides there is a variety of homestyle pies for a sweet course (my favorite).

They have everything from farm chicken and traditional pizza cooked in a wood stove, fresh pasta and different meat roasted on a charcoal grill.
Based on the family-style concept, Syrovarnya offers a wide range of dishes for family dinner. For example, large portions of beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes, chiken giblets with potatoes or Tambovsky ham with scrambled eggs are served on big frying pans.


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We left very full and very happy


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